4 Iraqi IS members arrested for allegedly killing refugees

According to a report by Iraqi-Kurdish broadcaster Rudaw. Syrian Kurdish authorities managing the al-Hol refugee camp near the border with Iraq say a group of four IS killers accused of murdering at least two people living in the camp were arrested this week. The number of murders and attempted murders against civilians, women and men, living in al-Hol has been rising over the last few weeks. The suspects, all Iraqi nationals, confessed they acted on behalf of IS in exchange for money, the report said. One of the victims was a woman who was accused of working as a “spy” for Syria’s Kurdish authorities in the camp. Syria’s Kurdish forces have repeatedly asked the international community to deal with the issue of the camp, which has been described by many as breeding ground for jihadism. The self-proclaimed “Islamic State” (IS) is a Sunni Islamist rebel group which controls territory in Iraq and Syria. It is also active in eastern Libya and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, among other places.

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