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Houthis were “depriving children in their areas of control of their right to education, play, and normal life while using them as fuel for their battles to serve the ambitions of Iran

Houthis is militarizing children and are using schools and educational facilities to recruit children.

This is a war crime. This is terrorism. Time for international communities to act and revert its designation as Terrorist

The residents of the Sheikh Bilal camp for internally displaced people in Afrin, northwestern Syria, are struggling to keep their homes intact after a fierce winter storm brought more than a foot of snow.

Some 160 families have been trapped by the storm for the past two days, and are struggling to keep their tents from breaking.

More than two million people need better shelter, Quazi said, because many of the tents were old and no longer able to help families survive the winter.

The deteriorating financial condition of Afghan citizens has become a matter of concern for the international community and the United Nations. Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the United States froze the Afghan Central Bank’s assets and imposed sanctions on the Taliban.

Highlighting the economic condition of Afghanistan, the industrialists insisted that if they are not provided immediate financial assistance, it will result in the closure of several factories. According to the industrialists, the closure of factories will further lead to 1.5 million people getting unemployed in a nation whose economy is seeing a sharp decline.

Over the past month, there has been an increase in political violence in Iraq again.

Last week, grenades were thrown at offices belonging to Sunni Muslim and Iraqi Kurdish political parties in Baghdad.

On Sunday, grenades were lobbed at two Kurdish-owned banks in the capital.

Earlier in January, al-Sadr’s Sairoun party joined with Kurdish and Sunni politicians to take the first step toward forming a new government by reelecting Mohamed al-Halbousi, a senior Sunni politician, as speaker of parliament.

This week, al-Sadr made another telling comment. “Neither eastern nor western. A national majority government,” he confirmed on his Twitter account, referring toIranian influence from the east and the US from the west.

Political violence will continue and possibly escalate but for the first time, the coming parliament seems likely to contain a formal opposition.

Facebook has threatened to delete the personal account of the director of a prominent pro-Israel lobbying group at the United Nations, saying he violates community rules.

UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer was also told that his page had already been under sanctions to reduce its visibility for months, the group said in a statement Monday.

Neuer’s Facebook page, set up in May 2009, has 49,000 followers. The main UN Watch Facebook page has over 168,000 followers.

Internet services were disrupted in Lebanon on Sunday because of diesel shortages, according to the state provider, adding another essential service to the list of casualties of the country’s snowballing economic crisis.

Internet and telecom services already were expensive in Lebanon. In 2019, a tax imposed on WhatsApp services sparked nationwide protests that turned into a denunciation of the entire political elite.

The import-dependent country is also suffering from shortage of medicines, leaving patients dependent on black market, smuggled medicines and donations from Lebanese expats and civil groups.

A ‘Female Taxi’ service, to be operated by female drivers only, will be launched on a trial basis in Muscat Governorate from January 20, 2022. It is expected to benefit female passengers, students and children.

The service will be launched on a trial basis in the Governorate of Muscat from Thursday, January 20, 2022 to be followed by the rest of the governorates.

At least two people were killed and several others wounded Thursday in three separate blasts, including a suicide bombing, in Turkish-held areas of northern Syria.

One blast took place in a marketplace in the town of Al-Bab, in an area of war-torn Syria that in recent years has turned into a de facto Turkish protectorate. Dozens of people were wounded in the explosion.

All three towns are located in the northern province of Aleppo, and under the control of Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies.

Mossad Director David Barnea and Libyan prime minister Abdulhamid Mohammed Al-Dabaiba recently met in Jordan to discuss normalization and security cooperation, Saudi and Libyan media outlets reported.

In November, Haaretz reported that Saddam Haftar, son of Libyan warlord Gen. Khalifa Haftar, flew to Ben Gurion Airport for meetings with Israeli officials regarding potential normalization.

It is unclear whether any of the above Libyan officials could substantively carry out normalization with Israel given the ongoing chaos the country has been in for years.

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