Iran urges warring sides in Afghanistan to end conflict

Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Saturday calling on warring sides in Afghanistan to put an end to conflict and fratricide. The statement was issued on the eve of the anniversary martyrdom of Iranian diplomats and a journalist in a terrorist attack at the Iranian consulate general in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan in 1998. August 8 is a reminder of one of the bitterest days for the diplomatic apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the statement said, adding that 23 years ago, on this day, Iranian diplomats and a journalist were cowardly martyred in spite of all the commitments, international laws and treaties, and Islamic and human logic, the statement said. It urged the warring sides in Afghanistan to go to the negotiating table, voicing Iran’s readiness to continue with facilitating and hosting the talks. Iran and Afghanistan have no choice but to take constructive approaches which will benefit the interests of both countries, the statement said. It said that the Iranian government and people are standing by their brothers and sisters in Afghanistan as before. The Islamic Republic of Iran commemorates the martyrs of this incident and once again strongly condemns the terrorist action, the statement said, noting that Iran continues to pursue the clarification of the hidden dimensions of the case as a definite demand of the Iranian government and people.

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